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Professional liposuction for lipedema - effective and gentle

In lipedema, there is a pathological increase in fatty tissue and the storage of fluid. This can occur in individual areas of the body or in a generalised manner. As a result, there is localised tension and pressure pain, a feeling of tired legs and bruising (haematoma), especially on the legs and arms. In addition to conservative therapies such as compression garments, manual and mechanical lymph drainage, liposuction is also available. However, only liposuction can significantly alleviate the symptoms for many years, if not completely eliminate them. Very pronounced findings often lead to a loss of skin elasticity or an excess of skin and subcutaneous tissue. After liposuction, there may then be sagging skin, but this can be removed by a lifting operation.

Lipoedema is divided into three stages. Liposuction can be performed as a health insurance benefit or privately. This depends on the stage and is regulated by the guideline of the Joint Federal Committee that came into force on 16.09.2020.

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